I've been so busy with classes that I haven't had time to update my journal and tonight, I'm heading out for margaritas with the ladies. eta: not feeling so well allofasudden and no it's not swine flu. Once I saw this trailer, I knew I'd have to share it.

Sci-Fi film Moon starring Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey (as the computer) and directed by Duncan Jones looks awesome! I'm hoping Los Angeles will be one of the selected cities for the summer release.

While I'm on the subject of sci-fi films, is there ANYONE out there who knows where I can find more info on Cameron's Avatar? I've read the plot synopsis and the "trailer" is just a tease. Why so many secrets? I want more! December is an awful long time to wait, my friend.

Several bloggers have proclaimed Cameron to be "the greatest science fiction film director alive." Granted, I adored Terminator, T2, Aliens and The Abyss. I'm just hoping Avatar isn't a special effects fest (the film will be in 3D digital).

Stories make me want to watch any film, regardless of SFX and Moon has a great hook! What's even scarier is that someone is going to get to the moon first and whoever does will control the spice...uh, I mean the Helium 3. Hee, hee. How could I not bring up that Dune reference? :)

Anyway, check out the trailer for Moon; the hook is awesome!

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