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([personal profile] scififanatic Jun. 6th, 2009 03:27 am)
Finding this acoustic version of "Into the Hollow" by Queens of the Stone Age has made my frakkin' day. Josh Homme is a guitar-wielding god and the harmonies he creates are heavenly bodies. Also, I love his explanation about his creative process.

I've always been chasing the sounds that are in my head...if I didn't leak them out, my head would explode. Song writing's like waiting by the phone, waiting for it to ring...I just let songs finish themselves--I don't pressure 'em. When they're done, they call me. Sometimes you don't take them the whole journey. You pick 'em up, take 'em halfway but you get the call back later and eventually drop them off where they're supposed to be.

Yes. Sometimes, writing feels like waiting by the phone, waiting to hear that familiar voice on the other end. As Homme sings "Into the Hollow": ...but I can't wait forever.

So I'm off to write, hoping that I'll dial the right number.

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