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Not having a working car (it broke down earlier this week) while living in Los Angeles affords me a lot of free time to write.

Also, I'm slowly accepting that no matter what, I'm not much of a morning person. Thus, I wrote in the afternoon and again in the evening after I exercised and ate. This scene took a long time to revise but I think I'm fleshing out this side character little by little.

Today, I realized that my rough draft is actually a crazy draft of what will be the third book in a trilogy! Yes, I'm writing a trilogy.

It's all happening subconsciously. I'm leaving out several details as I work through the first round of revisions. These remaining sections tell the story of my main character's little sister, more than a decade later from my current novel's timeline.

It feels great to know why all those strange things appeared in my rough draft. I was trying to tell both character's stories at the same time, in one person. But it's all so clear to me now.

Each piece has a place...

This is one of the many reasons why I love writing. I look forward to unfolding more mysteries tomorrow.
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