(Dedicated to the revolutionaries fighting in Iran)

I keep meaning to bring back Freestyle Fridays but what fun is a party of one?!

Nonetheless, I give you (not quite) Freestyle Friday's entry (to be read to the track "Celebration" by Kanye West)

All lyrics originally by ME, m*thaf&ckas!!!

In this world
We keep fighting,
Curled beneath the tic toc
Of an infinite clock.

If we don't fight for peace
We'll only increase the police
Who beat
The innocent.

The turbulence of our
Is strong enough to create

So don't be afraid
To persuade the powers that be.
Your voice is pertinent
To the world.

If you stay silent you'll enhance
The advancement of thieves.
They don't believe that
You have a right to the sky.

This world has been advanced by
Battle cries that refused to
Turn a blind eye
To the injustice that upsets

You and me.
We gotta be free
To express ourselves.
Delve into the pit

That angry red abyss
That pumps blood into your
Heart. What good is the

If we refrain from speaking up for the
The vein of this world flows through
You, so screw the hateful world!

Let your pearls be curled
By the tongue
Of a new world
Made for you and me.

Remember, you are the key.
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