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( Feb. 16th, 2009 09:33 pm)
This Valentine's Day, I had an awesome friend, [ profile] stinglikeabee, to hang with and I've never had so much fun. Seriously, the last time I had that much fun, I was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco with my friends Lori and Judy.

[ profile] stinglikeabee took me to The Huntington in San Marino for birthday/Valentine's Day celebrations. I'm so lucky to know people who are as kind and good as her. She's so smart. I learn so much just by listening to her talk enthusiastically about writing, comics and manga, the movie and entertainment industry, etc. That's what I love about my friends: each person is so unique! I'm lucky to know them.

Well, I'd never heard of The Huntington until [ profile] stinglikeabee told me about it; I've lived in SoCal nearly all my life but I'd never been to this historic landmark. With over 120 acres of gardens, museum/mansion, an art gallery and various exhibitions, we spent the entire day learning, walking, exploring, talking, and laughing.

Here are some photos from the trip (I could only upload 40 or so to flickr):

We left The Huntington at 4:30 p.m. and headed straight for Zankou Chicken. Ohhhh, the food was so good! I've got hummus left over, which I spread on my lunch sandwich today. I can't wait to go back. After stuffing our faces with yummy food, we stopped by the comics store next door.

I browsed around and took a look at a manga selection [ profile] stinglikeabee recommended. After reading the first dozen or so pages, I was hooked so I had to buy it: Me and the Devil Blues: The Unreal Life of Robert Johnson by Akira Hiramoto.

Then we headed to Vroman's Bookstore because there was a "singles mixer" and I wanted to use a gift card that someone had given me nearly a year ago. Vroman's is an awesome place and if it were closer to the South Bay, I'd shop there more often. They had a great selection of new books! I saw my fiction teacher's book on display, The Vagrants. (As I type this, I realize that I should have taken a picture of it for her. Darn!) The poetry section was okay. I couldn't find the Gregory Orr collection that I want so I'll have to use my B&N gift card to get it.

Once I picked my selections and [ profile] stinglikeabee got some coffee, we realized that there weren't many singles mixing around. We asked one of the employees about it and found out that we were at the wrong location. LOL!!! She gave us directions to where the party was at but [ profile] stinglikeabee and I both looked at each other with that same look, "Ain't gonna happen." Oh well, as she says, "it was their loss" that we didn't show up. :)

What an awesome holiday weekend! I can't wait to go again!


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