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( Mar. 16th, 2009 02:16 pm)
The Sci Fi Channel will soon be the Syfy Channel.

Studio Heads: "Excuse me while I ask someone else to the prom."

Limo rolls. Eggshell cracks on face. Maniacal laughter echoes in the distance.

The Syfy Channel will essentially shun its CORE audience to court a new demographic of viewers: people who find "sci fi" geeky, reality TV enlightening, and books a relic of the past.

What, ideally, was so great about a Sci Fi Channel was that a broadcast valued the medium of fiction, the written word and the ideas and characters that writers created in a marriage to the visual and audio of television and film.

Without the FICTION "Fi", you've got nothing but "Syfy" or a made up term that is shallow in meaning. I don't like how literature is buried and resurrected at whim.

Don't get me wrong--I support change. When I first heard the term spec fic, I was intrigued. Not offended. Not afraid.

Syfy? Well, phonetically, it works but what about CONTENT wise? What's the meaning of it all? How will attracting new viewers with this made-up term support the fiction, the LITERATURE = (TRUEness) that gives birth to the television and movies that the Syfy Channel will produce?

It's all just bullshit and offensive to all writers.


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