I'm slowly reading Laleh Khadivi's The Age of Orphans not only because I'm a turtle but because I like to study an author's language. If you haven't picked up The Age of Orphans then I encourage you to do so NOW.

Reading her novel reminds me that language is not a collection of crude words. Language does not only serve a particular character's voice, a novel's plot. Language in its varied forms is an extension of music. There is only ONE common way to read music--through notes. Music is our shared human language. Before there were words--there existed sounds, grunts, shrieks. From these sounds came beats and rhythm, perhaps inspired by the earth.

In Laleh's novel I'm reminded that as human beings, we belong to one earth. The language of our earth is music, often sharp; as human beings we live in varied registers, keys, and pitches; we share with one another at different frequencies.

Needless to say, she inspires me. I've been working on my WIP slowly. Painstakingly, I attempt to write in the rhythm of this human existence for any less would be useless.


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