This is the second post I've titled with words from the new Tori Amos songs. I'm hoping to write a review of Abnormally Attracted to Sin this week but for now, I'm posting a follow-up to this entry. (I also plan to write posts about sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison and one of my favorite athletes, Serena Williams, this upcoming week!)

But back to the point of this post. Currently, I've revised 14,597 words of my YA sci-fi novel. I'm 403 words short of making my goal (15k words) for the month of May but so what. I'm taking my time and I like that!

14,597 / 58,566

This weekend, I had an awesome time with [personal profile] stinglikeabee at the museums (more on that later this week too!) and got two distinct short story ideas--one an alien sci-fi story and another a steampunk story--and I started writing the former this weekend; so, that cut into some of my editing time for the novel.

After checking out museum row, we headed to The Grove, which was a lot of fun. There's an awesome Barnes & Noble there and I bought a set of tarot cards--something I've been dying to do for the last year.

Today, I did my first tarot reading for myself and I drew the card Hierophant (Reversed) the V of the Major Arcana cards. There were other cards in the spread, of course, but this card fell under the "current issue" placement and resonated strongly with me.

The Hierophant (Reversed) corresponds with learning that the result is sometimes more important than the ritual. In other words, I approach things with originality and it doesn't matter that I'm revising this novel in an unconventional way, that I need to learn to be okay with striking out on my own path.

Sometimes, I can get obsessive with goals but just because I'm 403 words short of my mark isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm taking my time and revising in my unique way. In the end, my product will hopefully be bizarre and bewildering and mind-boggling, all the better for it.

My goal for next month? 25k. Whether or not I reach that goal is not the focus. I'm learning, slowly, to follow the beat of my own drum. "Can I join you?" said the Lady in Blue. "I can play too."
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( Jun. 1st, 2009 12:22 pm)
OMG to the max! I just found out that the dates for Moon have been moved up by a month!! It originally was supposed to be released only in NY and LA on July 17th but it looks like the campaign to have it released in more theaters worked. Woooo!!! I'm glad because I happened to be one of many fans to email Sony Pictures about distributing Moon to a wider audience.

So, I'll get to see Moon...NEXT FRIDAY!!! I tried to locate specific theaters but the information probably won't be updated until next week. If you aren't living in LA or NY and you'd like to see this film, check out the dates here.

The buzz on this sci-fi film has been great; everywhere I turn, someone's talking about this movie (or the upcoming District 9 film, which I'll post about later).

For now, we can stare at this juicy poster and count down the days to June 12th.

ETA: SciFi Wire's got an EXCLUSIVE clip of the film here.



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