I had an interesting conversation via email with another writer. She took me to task about this post and I'm so grateful because we both gained insight from the exchange!!! Sometimes, I think there's nothing better than a healthy intellectual discussion!

To clarify--just as basketball teams depend on one another on the court, the writer depends on her support system outside of writing; however, when it comes to that single moment, that solitary ACT of writing--the external support system doesn't matter. The writer must trust and believe in herself.

By saying that the external doesn't matter for the writer, I am specifically speaking about the ACT of writing. Writing is solitary (unless you're collaborating with another writer).

For example, when a basketball player shoots the ball, she doesn't shout to her teammates, "Everyone crowd in and get a hand on the ball. Now let's all shoot together." In basketball, you've got only 24 seconds on the shot clock. Players pass around the ball and as time wears down, the ball ends up in only ONE-SINGLE player's hands. This player must make a solitary, decisive, brave act to shoot.

My first comment was about this single, solitary moment. No one can write and do the job for you--writing is a solitary act and it all comes down to you, the pen, the clock. That's all that matters. The external fades away.

If you're too afraid to shoot, time will eventually expire.

For people who don't love basketball, this analogy might be useless. I'm looking beyond the surface of the sport. For me, basketball is more than "getting the ball through the hoop" because the outcome depends heavily on who's holding the ball. The player's internal landscape in that moment makes all the difference.

It's internal. It's spiritual. It's inspiring.

Can you tell that I'm ready for Sunday's game? :o)
(Dedicated to the revolutionaries fighting in Iran)

I keep meaning to bring back Freestyle Fridays but what fun is a party of one?!

Nonetheless, I give you (not quite) Freestyle Friday's entry (to be read to the track "Celebration" by Kanye West)

All lyrics originally by ME, m*thaf&ckas!!!

In this world
We keep fighting,
Curled beneath the tic toc
Of an infinite clock.

If we don't fight for peace
We'll only increase the police
Who beat
The innocent.

The turbulence of our
Is strong enough to create

So don't be afraid
To persuade the powers that be.
Your voice is pertinent
To the world.

If you stay silent you'll enhance
The advancement of thieves.
They don't believe that
You have a right to the sky.

This world has been advanced by
Battle cries that refused to
Turn a blind eye
To the injustice that upsets

You and me.
We gotta be free
To express ourselves.
Delve into the pit

That angry red abyss
That pumps blood into your
Heart. What good is the

If we refrain from speaking up for the
The vein of this world flows through
You, so screw the hateful world!

Let your pearls be curled
By the tongue
Of a new world
Made for you and me.

Remember, you are the key.


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