So according to the children's boards, not everyone got a handwritten note on their rejection letter from the Highlights Magazine Fiction Contest 2008.

My rejection letter had the standard "Dear author" response at the top but at the bottom, someone wrote in ink:

We enjoyed 'Are We There Yet' and look forward to reading your next submission. Best of luck!"

It's cool that they took the time to write me a personal message, considering they received over a thousand entries. I'm impressed with how organized they had to be to write the messages and return submissions. I'm encouraged and will definitely submit to next year's contest! This time, I won't wait a week before the deadline to write a story!
The winners of the 2008 fiction "stories set in the future" contest by Highlights for Children have been announced here.

I entered a story at the last minute. For anyone else who didn't win, all remaining submissions will be considered for purchase by Highlights. Hopefully more people will be able to make some sales!


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