(Dedicated to the revolutionaries fighting in Iran)

I keep meaning to bring back Freestyle Fridays but what fun is a party of one?!

Nonetheless, I give you (not quite) Freestyle Friday's entry (to be read to the track "Celebration" by Kanye West)

All lyrics originally by ME, m*thaf&ckas!!!

In this world
We keep fighting,
Curled beneath the tic toc
Of an infinite clock.

If we don't fight for peace
We'll only increase the police
Who beat
The innocent.

The turbulence of our
Is strong enough to create

So don't be afraid
To persuade the powers that be.
Your voice is pertinent
To the world.

If you stay silent you'll enhance
The advancement of thieves.
They don't believe that
You have a right to the sky.

This world has been advanced by
Battle cries that refused to
Turn a blind eye
To the injustice that upsets

You and me.
We gotta be free
To express ourselves.
Delve into the pit

That angry red abyss
That pumps blood into your
Heart. What good is the

If we refrain from speaking up for the
The vein of this world flows through
You, so screw the hateful world!

Let your pearls be curled
By the tongue
Of a new world
Made for you and me.

Remember, you are the key.
Yeah, I know.
I missed a freestyle post this weekend.

So what?!

I'm still an emcee who knows how to
Rock a five dolla mic.
I make my own rhymes

Using beats I create with
My mind.

These days, I've got my nose
Stuck in several books.
Tryin' to figure out the best hook

That'll make you buy my book.
In other words,
I'm too busy

Stayin' connected to my art
Like an artery to the heart.
And if you got any smarts

You'll let me slide
Like an ice skater
Cruisin' on the best blades.

Show me some love
Cuz that'll make my day!

Show me some love
Cuz ya girl needs a hug...
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( Jul. 13th, 2008 08:06 pm)
I believe that if T.S. Eliot were alive today
He might be a hip hop lyricist.

Can't you just imagine him on
Def Jam Poetry Slam?

His poems move like liquid and ice
Stopping, flowing, freezing

He would have raised glaciers on a mic
And kept the rhythms going
Like a river overflowing with life

One of my favorite lines:
"We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown."
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( Jul. 7th, 2008 03:33 pm)
I forgot
To rock
The five dolla mic.

I missed freestyle Sunday
But it’s all good
Because it’s Monday.

And I’ve still got the skills
To pay the bills
So hand me the book.

I write the checks
And cash the songs
That keep ya dancin’ all night long.

Yeah, I know that shit was backwards
But I’ll flip ya mind like
The head on a dime.

Rock steady, ya’ll,
I still got the skills
To rock a five dolla mic!

So give me three minutes
To get this thang right.
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( Jun. 29th, 2008 07:44 pm)
I'm on it
I'm on it
I'm so on it that I own it
They gave me the pink slip
And I snatched the keys
To the spaceship
Grabbed a caravan of loved ones
And jetted to the moon
With a heart in full bloom
Cuz I love what I do
Cuz when I do it
I get through it
To the heart of the matter
And I'll say
Whatevah's on my mind
In time
You'll see
That I won't stop
Until I'm the best writer I can be
And when you see me on the street
You'll think
She's so sweet
You'll wanna roll with a sistah
When I bust out that bestsellah
Yeah, like I said--
I'll say whatevah's
On my mind

But let me keep it movin' like U-Haul
And pass it to ya'll!


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