Why is it that the guys we WANT to notice us never do?! Maybe I'm feeling angsty because I'm listening to that beautiful song by Alicia Keys, "You Don't Know My Name."

For WEEKS now, I have been waiting and waiting, checking my email like crazy, hoping to hear back from this guy I don't even really know but I want to know him and I know I'm not making any sense right now, which is probably why said guy didn't write back because I tend to ramble incoherently when I'm attracted to a guy but he wrote back before so I must have said something wrong after he offered to meet up and I said yes which probably gave me away so he hit the highway like a Mustang.

And for the record--this is not some guy from an internet dating service. (Ick! Those NEVER work for me.) This man is smart, alluring...and sexy...I really connected with his eyes through a boundary you wouldn't believe...he seemed enthusiastic and kind...and his aura spoke to me. I was compelled to write him and I thought that actually meant something. Silly me.


Sometimes, I feel like life does this to me...

There's a great blog called "Single in L.A." that makes me feel less isolated. Really, that's what any single person is trying to do--meet nice people, make connections, and just enjoy life. My good friend Kristie said something I needed to hear: Rejection is God's protection.

I think this can be applied to just about any experience in life. I guess it's good to get rejected sometimes!

And with that, I should go to sleep. I'm helping my little sister move into her dorm at Berkeley tomorrow...lol...but we've got to DRIVE up first. Technically, we're supposed to leave L.A. by 4 a.m. but we'll see if I can wake up on schedule. Wish us luck!


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