OMG to the max! I just found out that the dates for Moon have been moved up by a month!! It originally was supposed to be released only in NY and LA on July 17th but it looks like the campaign to have it released in more theaters worked. Woooo!!! I'm glad because I happened to be one of many fans to email Sony Pictures about distributing Moon to a wider audience.

So, I'll get to see Moon...NEXT FRIDAY!!! I tried to locate specific theaters but the information probably won't be updated until next week. If you aren't living in LA or NY and you'd like to see this film, check out the dates here.

The buzz on this sci-fi film has been great; everywhere I turn, someone's talking about this movie (or the upcoming District 9 film, which I'll post about later).

For now, we can stare at this juicy poster and count down the days to June 12th.

ETA: SciFi Wire's got an EXCLUSIVE clip of the film here.



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