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( Apr. 13th, 2009 03:20 pm)
I missed my garden while vacationing in Virginia the way a person misses her cat or dog or spouse or child.

Since I have none of those, I missed my garden. Things are growing so well that I think I need to build a new gardening box. That would also mean buying tons more of rich dirt from Home Depot. I just can't fathom the task of thinning the plants out (plant assassination). I'd like to give them all a chance but that's ridiculous. No one has that much space unless you're living on a plantation, which I'm not.

Ugh. So this week I plan to expand in some vegetable areas and thin back the lettuce because it's growing like crazy.

Part of me feels awful for not trusting the earth. I planted way more lettuce seeds than I probably should have because I didn't believe this many would take to the soil. Stupid me. The research I read didn't make lettuce sound so easy to grow but it's doing better than fine, only for now. If I don't do something soon, they'll all die. Not sure what to do but I've got to figure it out.

I'm also worried about the carrots. They look a little weak to me. The gardening articles I read said that onions and carrots are great companions so I sewed them a row away but maybe I didn't make enough room between the rows.

I was worried about the radishes. I noticed holes in their leaves. Some insects are eating them. Jade Park told me this doesn't affect the radishes, which made me feel better. The insects get to eat and later, so will I. Everyone wins.

The herbs are doing well. The mint is barely breaking through and the basil isn't ready for thinning yet. Still, I've got a major task with the lettuce and carrots. Just a few pics:









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