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( May. 27th, 2009 12:55 pm)
My friend Gord Sellar wrote the most amazing post and it speaks to me in numerous ways.

He's brave. I can't wait to see him this summer to give him the biggest hug EVAR!

His words, weaving in celestial images (always a favorite for me and strangely much like my YA novel) were uplifting and if you're in need of inspiration, I know his words will touch you too.
I love that song by the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. It's the best way to get the summer started right. And what a summer it will be--I just found out that my dad's taking the whole family on a trip to Hawaii in August before my sister returns to Berkeley!!!!

Woooo!!!! Thank you, sagging economy. Apparently, there are so many great travel deals that the middle class who are still lucky enough to be working can afford a trip or two. Wooo!!!!

So that means I've got numerous things to look forward to this summer:

1.) ArtWalk this Saturday with [personal profile] stinglikeabee and [personal profile] parlance
2.) Spending time in L.A. with my friend and award-nominated (soon to be winning, I'm sure!) sci-fi writer, Gord Sellar
3.) Tori Amos concert at the Greek (I'm buying my ticket tomorrow during the pre-sale!!!)
4.) The movies Moon and District 9
5.) HAWAII!!!!!!!

Life is good.

13,571 / 58,566

I've only edited 2,039 words on my YA sci-fi novel since my last update. Agh!!! I wanted to be at 15k by the end of May. Can I edit 1,429 words within the next four days, including creating the final exam for my T/Th class?! (The final is next T.)

Indeed! I'm off because it's time to get it on.

"Perhaps the answer to the question lies in the question."--Tori Amos from the song "Police Me"


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